Uganda Police shuts down a Gay Pride Parade in two locations in Entebbe on 09/24/2016. This followed after a raid on a Pride event in early August 2016, the Ugandan government threatened to round up activists who take part in the event in a statement issued by a government minister Simon Lukodo claiming that all gay events are illegal in Uganda.
More than 100 LGBT people turned up for the parade at a beach in Entebbe on Lake Victoria were arrested in their buses and escorted by the police to Kampala to be locked up, which made a gay man to jump off a moving bus, sustaining injuries.
Minutes later all LGBT persons and their buses were later set free. 
The LGBTI people later concluded their day at a private place to celebrate their Pride against all odds.

Interview Sponsored by Barb Reynolds
Co Ex Director/Producer Pepe Julian Onziema + Tim McCarthy
Interviewer Deus Kiriisa
Edited by Deus Kiriisa
Name = Police Blocks Pride Parade
Title = Pride Uganda 2016
Mission = Standing Togeither
Where = Entebbe, Uganda
Date = 09/24/2016
Time = 9:00am