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FRANK MUGISHA, Chairperson of Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) Most recently honored by the UN Office of the High Commission for Human Rights as a human rights defender and later quoted by the UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon for Frank’s call for UN help to decriminalize homosexuality world wide. Frank was named by the Advocate Magazine as one of the leading 40 under 40 activists worldwide. From university days establishing the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) organization “Icebreakers Uganda” to today as Director of SMUG, Frank works with leaders in the faith communities, civil society and government organizations to bring human rights for GLBTI community to his beloved home of Uganda and other parts of the world.


VAL KALENDE, Ugandan LGBT rights activist Val is currently pursuing a master’s degree in theological studies (feminist and queer theologies) at the Episcopal Divinity School (EDS) in Cambridge, MA. She is a founding member of Freedom and Roam Uganda, the only lesbian organization in Uganda. Val has been at the frontline of the campaign against the Anti-Homosexuality bill, a legislation that is proposing the death penalty for LGBT people in Uganda. Prior to joining EDS, Val travelled to the United States at the invitation of the U.S Department of State to address the LGBT situation in her country. A former journalist who lost her job because of her outspoken stance on LGBT rights, and once jailed for campaigning for the recognition of sexual minorities in her country’s National HIV/AIDS Policy, Val says her vision is to see a world where LGBT people will not be judged by their sexual orientation or gender identity but by the content of their character.

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